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Why Buy New: Energy Efficiency

February 14, 2020

It’s the middle of February, and we are currently immersed in winter. This is an obvious time to focus on the importance of energy efficiency in homes in Peterborough ON. Yet energy efficiency is important all year long. During the summer, you still need a home that is sealed properly and doesn’t let in heat that makes the air conditioning work longer and harder. Fortunately, when you buy a new home from Parkview Homes, you can feel confident in having a home that is built to be energy efficient from the ground up, saving energy and saving you money.

Even buying a resale home that was built in the last ten years won’t guarantee a home that is truly energy efficient. In fact, current new homes are up to 60% more efficient than resale homes, making a great argument for buying brand new. Part of the reason for this is that new homes have higher building code requirements to adhere to or even exceed, such as insulation values. For example, Parkview Homes apply exterior Tyvek wrap to reduce drafts so your heater and A/C aren’t working overtime. By ensuring your home is properly sealed and insulated, you don’t have to use heating and cooling as often or as long to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

Parkview Homes feature furnaces that are 95% efficient, providing excellent savings on your energy bills. This kind of efficiency not only makes for lower monthly payments but results in long-term savings. Plus, energy efficient homes have an increased value, even when it comes to resale. Choosing an energy efficient home is a solid investment.

While most people think of appliances and insulation in regards to energy efficiency, windows are equally important. While you can certainly use your windows to take advantage of light and shade, cool breezes, and fresh air, windows play an important role in keeping your home sealed. All of the insulation and external wraps need to be complemented by air-tight windows that are double pane and Low E Argon glass. The double panes and argon help keep a constant temperature longer so your heating and cooling systems don’t have to come on as often. In addition, they provide protection against air leakage and block ultraviolet rays that can damage interiors.

A tightly sealed home is important, but so is fresh air. This is why people always look forward to being able to open windows when spring first arrives. To keep homes more comfortable and healthier during the seasons when it’s important to keep the house closed up tight, Parkview Homes includes a heat recovery ventilation unit in each home, allowing clean, fresh air into the home to replace the stale air. This keeps everyone healthier and happier.

By choosing one of the energy efficient homes in Peterborough ON from Parkview Homes, you will live a more comfortable, environmentally friendly, and healthier life and see significant energy savings reflected in lower energy bills. The choice is clear!


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