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Houseplant Trends in 2020

March 23, 2020

(plant price given in Canadian dollars)

Anyone looking at new homes in Peterborough ON who enjoys caring for plants will still be able to find plenty of horticulture opportunities living in Parkwest Condominiums or Summer Lane Townhomes. Between balconies and the trend for indoor houseplants, your green thumb will be more than satisfied. Even if you’re new to houseplants, there are plenty of options for novices to add a touch of greenery inside your home and embrace some of the latest design and plant trends.

There are certain plants, such as monsteras and split-leaf philodendrons, that remain perennial favorites. But did you know there are also rarer versions of some of these plants? For example, there is a rare variegated version, Monstera deliciosa albo-variegata,that some people are starting to make a centerpiece in their home, even if a small 6-inch plant can set you back more than $250! Still, the trend of adding rare plants to your home is something that is increasing. If you’re interested, you can always let the one plant take pride of place and supplement your plant decor with more affordable plants that complement the rare one.

Still, most people are looking for plants that won’t break the bank, especially if they’re not as confident in their green thumb to shell out big bucks. Fortunately, there are a number of unusual succulents hitting the market, with colors and shapes that aren’t as common. Among the unusual shapes are rosebuds (Greenovia dodrantalis), rabbits (Monilaria obconica) and even jumping dolphins (Senecio peregrinus). These are typically hybrids, making them harder to find, but you can always try growing them from seeds if you’re patient. Succulents are also appearing in a wider variety of colors, with leaves ranging from soft pink to bold red, to even almost black!

In fact, colorful foliage is part of the trend this year. One option is the mosaic plant (Fittonia albivenis), which has deeply veined leaves in white or even deep pink. This veining makes the leaves look like mosaics. These trailing plants stay relatively small and are great indoor plants. Another option is the polka dot plant that has spotted, mottled leaves in white, pink, or red. Outdoors, they can grow larger, but indoors, they tend to remain small and manageable. Other plants with colorful, patterned leaves that are growing in popularity are stromanthe, crotons, and Chinese evergreens, while snake plants and pothos still maintain their own existing popularity.

Houseplant trends aren’t just about the types of plants; trends also are shifting on how the plants are displayed. More and more, they’re becoming focal points in homes, rather than background accessories. Dedicated shelving, often in natural materials and with minimalist lines helps put the plants into the spotlight of your home’s decor.

There are plenty of ways to bring your garden into your new homes in Peterborough ON. Plus, there’s a growing trend of houseplant enthusiasts who get together and share advice, experiences, and even cuttings. Whether through word-of-mouth or apps, you could easily find other indoor plant enthusiasts to help make your indoor garden grow and thrive.

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