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Service & Support

When you purchase a new home from Parkview Homes we know that excellent customer service during the buying process as well as after you move in is very important to you.

That is why making requests for Service is so easy.

Service Requests - Non Emergency

If you wish to initiate non-emergency warranty service please utilize and submit your 30-day, 1 year and 2 year Tarion forms. For any other questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service department.

During your first year of home ownership, you will have 3 opportunities to report any concerns or issues to our Customer Service department. The 30 day and Year End forms provided by Tarion are in your Homeowner Information Package. Your Year End Tarion warranty form is to be submitted upon one full year of homeownership. After this time you may use the 2 year form provided with your Homeowner information package to notify us of any warranty items, should they occur.

Service Requests - Emergency

The following items are considered to constitute an emergency:

  1. Total loss of heat between September 15th and May 15th
  2. Gas Leak
  3. Total loss of electricity
  4. Total loss of water supply
  5. Total sewage stoppage
  6. Plumbing leakage that requires complete water shut-off
  7. Major collapse of any part of the home's exterior or interior structure.
  8. Major water penetration of the interior walls or ceiling.
  9. A large pool of standing water inside the home
  10. Any situation where, in the opinion of Tarion, the home is uninhabitable for health or safety reasons.

If you experience an emergency situation, immediately call one of the emergency contact numbers provided to you at your Pre-Delivery Orientation. A sticker with various emergency contacts is also located on your electrical panel box.

We also want to emphasize that if an outside, independent contractor be hired to make warranty repairs for you, we are not responsible for any expenses incurred by others, unless authorized in writing by our Customer Service department.

Courtesy Year End Drywall Repairs

One full year after your closing date, you will submit the Year End Tarion form if there are any items to report. Once this form is received, our Warranty Service Coordinator will set up a courtesy drywall repair visit with you, if required. If required, our Customer Service Technician will repair (not paint) any shrink cracks and nail pops. These are non-warrantable items.

Warranty Coverage

Your home has a 2 year basic warranty coverage period.

1 Year Warranty covers material and workmanship and requires that your home be constructed in a workmanlike manner and free from defects in material (similar to a bumper to bumper car warranty).

2 Year Warranty covers plumbing, heating and electrical delivery and distribution systems and water penetration of the building envelope.

7 Year Warranty covers major structural defects which is defined as any defect in work or materials that results in the failure of a load bearing part of the homes structure or materially and adversely affects its load bearing function or adversely affects the use of the building as a home. Some of the manufacturers or suppliers (for items like shingles, brick etc.) also provide extended warranties. Please refer to your Home Information package that you received at your Pre Delivery Orientation or the Tarion link below for specific details.

Home Building is the result of the application of human skills to a wide variety of materials, which by their nature are not perfect. Terms such as workmanlike and free from defects are therefore not intended to mean perfection. Reasonable tolerances should be expected. A link to the Construction Performance has been provided below. These guidelines provide the tolerances allowable for warranted items of concern.

Service & Support Contact

Lynda Kennedy
Warranty Service Coordinator
705.741.1281 ext. 205

Service Requests sent via email will be checked on a daily basis, during regular business hours. Email is the preferred method of contact to ask questions and advise of any concerns.

Telephone inquiries will be returned by the end of the following business day.

You can also find answers to many common questions in the HIP (Homeowner Information Package) package provided during your New Home Orientation.

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